Nanospan Inc

Energy Storage Products

Electrodes are at the heart of Li-ion Batteries & supercapacitors. They play a vital role in bringing the desired energy & power densities, cyclic stabilities, charging speeds and thermal stability. Nanospan’s advanced patent pending Graphene & nanosilicon composite based electrodes bring cutting edge innovation to energy storage devices. Our technologies realize multifold performance improvements in Supercapacitors & Lithium Ion batteries, in the areas of energy densities,  power densities, charging time, cyclic stability with safety.


Nanospan Dry Electrodes

Dry Electrode manufacturing is the way forward for bringing down the process complexity, manufacturing costs and environmental hazards for the next generation of electrodes. Our unique patented technology brings a new dimension of ease of manufacturing  to the high performing nano dry electrodes. Such electrodes are binder and solvent-free, thus lowering the amount of inactive mass and increasing the active material which inturn helps in increasing the capacity.

Nanotrode™ G

The patented Nanotrode-G™ is a binder-free, free-standing monolithic electrode. It brings high power density, cyclic stabilty and safety to supercapacitors. The supercapacitors made using Nanotrode are solid state, instant charging, lightweight,  safe/non-flammable and low cost.   When used in tandem with battery,  they will help improve the overall range of the EV vehicle substantially.

Nanotrode™ G will not only provide high power density needed for specific use cases but they will also serve as standby energy source for the existing battery system when there is a high power needed for e.g. stop-start of EV .  Nanotrode G can also be an ideal electrode for micro energy devices for use in IoT use cases.

Nanotrode™ Si-G

Nanotrode™ SiG  is Nanospan’s innovative graphene & nanosilicon composite based anode technology for Lithium ion batteries. This technology addresses the ever increasing demand for higher energy density to go beyond that of the current commercially available materials. Our Si-Nanotrode shows high Coulombic efficiency (~98 %), improves the specific capacity (>3000 mAh/g at C/10), prolongs life cycle (>1000 cycles with 80% capacity retention). Si-Nanotrode anode is tunable to the different cathode chemistries (eg. NMC, NCA etc.) to bring the best performance in them.