Nanospan Inc

Smart Construction Products

The current smart home and smart city technologies deal with automation, monitoring aspects. There is less focus on the material choices that can bring lot more foundational resilience to the homes, buildings. Nanospan continues to  fill  this gap with their graphene and nano material based solutions, which bring previously unseen properties into construction materials. Namely its  Nano concrete additives  and Graphene conductive inks for interactive walls.


Cement and concrete are omnipresent and the most-used construction material worldwide. Cement production and related activity is one of the highest pollutants and global carbon footprint contributors( >8%). It also contributes to more than 9% of global industrial water withdrawals . It’s also a trillion dollar industry and is expected to increase by 23% by 2030. The urgency is with reducing the cement-consumption & its carbon footprint, while making this material meet the challenges of the climate change era. Nanospan’s Spanocrete accomplishes this goal by incorporating  graphene nano material technologies. Spanocrete functions as a multifunction of superplasticizer and accelerator providing high workability, twice the strength-to-weight ratio when compared with PCE based superplasticizers. This translates to reduced cement (~10%) & water consumption (<50%), shorter curing cycle (one week instead of four), thinner wall sections. This is in addition to ~40% increase in compressive strength, a 80% cracks reduction and water repellency. Nanospan’s Spanocrete is an ideal choice for RMC, pre-cast, recycled concrete, SCC, UHPC, fairface, extreme weather construction projects.

IPaint™- Sprayable Conductive Ink

Nanospan’s iPaint enables interactive user interfaces on traditional walls at homes. It replaces the need for running wires. It is as simple as spraying the ink on the painted walls to establish connectivity for components. 

IPaint is hydrophobic,highly conductive, adhesive,  anti corrosive, resistant to scratching, abrasion, creasing and flexing while being significantly cost effective