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Nanospan’s core expertise is to infuse graphene and other nano-additives into standard base-materials to form composites that offer several orders of magnitude in performance, properties and strength improvements compared to reference materials. As an example, our graphene doping brings superior mechanical, electrical and thermal properties as a reinforcing filler for the polymer matrix. Another area of our expertise is the nano coating on a variety of substrates.

Nanospan looks forward to collaborating with industry verticals on their material enhancements using our nano dispersion expertise. Since 2015, Nanospan had successfully developed and assisted tier-1 clients with major nanocomposite projects in the areas of Structural composites, Electrodes for health data acquisition, Protective fabrics for Defense, Conductive composites, Smart fabrics, with major organizations.

Graphene EEG/ECG Electrodes

Graphene electrodes for health monitoring. They make wearables light weight, greener, flexible, simpler to use by replacing the existing metallic and clumsy alternatives

Graphene Bullet proof Polymer Composites ​

Graphene Bullet proof Polymer Composites

Nanospan’s graphene ballistic composite materials provide lighter weight yet superior performance for ballistic protection applications when compared with Kevlar™ or Dyneema™ based solutions.  They are also well tested, hydrophobic,  patent pending and can be crafted in the desired form factors as specified by the applications


Graphene composite coated aramid fabric

Nanospan graphene composite coating enhances the woven aramid or Kevlar®’fabric’s tensile strength by >130% & tear strength by 40%.This can help in substantial weight reduction in applications such as bullet proof vests which rely on multi layering of Kevlar®.

Key features of our coated fabric:

  • Soft Armor material 
  • Our graphene polymer composite is certified for NIJ Level 3.  It is  Ideal as soft armor plate  (SAP) in NIJ Level 3 and 3+ Ballistic armor vests. Typical applications include Bullet proof helmets/boots, Protective gear, armored vehicles, protection barriers.

How we work

Approach Us

We will study your nanocomposite requirements. Mutually agree on a solution and the scope of work.

Our Methodology

We will research, develop the prototype, characterize it and meet the acceptance criteria.

Testing & Iterations

We will provide testing and productization services when it is integrated into end products.

Our Commitment

We are a passionate team of specialists. We will provide a single point of contact. Your satisfaction is our top priority